Introducing the MobileCaddy CLI

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The MobileCaddy CLI is the easiest way to use MobileCaddy to create offline first, robust and versionable mobile applications for

Using the MobileCaddy CLI you can quickly create a project structure based on one of our template applications that will allow you to have a deployable mobile application in a matter of minutes. Too good to be true? Just watch this video where we create a new mobile application using as a backend.

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As well as helping us create our new projects, the CLI tool gives us a few workflow benefits including;

  • Ongoing SCSS compilation and live-reload
  • JavaScript JS Hinting
  • Automatic package bundling

If you’re familiar with accessing SFDC from a localhost environment you’ll know that you have to have a CORS proxy set-up, but not to worry, the MobileCaddy CLI will manage the creation and running of that for you too.

What’s new in v1.0.0

The latest release was primarily focussed on stabilising the features we already have, but we also added the capability of defining your own project templates when starting a fresh project. This can be used, for example, if you re-use the same design patterns over-and-over and don’t want to keep re-implementing them on top of the standard MobileCaddy templates (see our Seed and Shell applications). To use a custom template the new command can now be run with a URL that links to a zip file of a project based upon one of the MobileCaddy templates.

mobilecaddy new myApp

We currently have two Ionic based templates available… have we mentioned the we LOVE Ionic?

Get it today

What? You’ve not installed it yet?

npm install -g mobilecaddy

If you want to have a dig into the code the project is over on github.

We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your feedback.

Looking for more info? Why not check out our tutorials and you’ll be mobile applications for in no time at all.

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